Grab Those Weights to Tackle Weight Loss Resistance


stuckLifting weights or doing some sort of resistance exercise is the key in promoting fat and weight loss but works especially well for those experiencing any kind of weight loss plateau.

If the dreaded weight loss plateau is something you are presently experiencing you would benefit from developing resistance/strength training…most likely the missing component.

Resistance/weight training increases your bodies lean muscle mass that in turn increases your metabolism which in turn allows you to burn more calories and more fat…even when resting.

By increasing your lean muscle mass your body burns more fat as an energy source. Your workouts will burn many more calories and you will experience much higher fat loss with resistance/weight training as part of your fitness program.

Weight loss plateaus are to be expected and are nothing unusual in the weight war because the body is very covetous about what it owns and won’t easily give it up…in this case it’s your fat.

Training with weights is a sure fire way of totally changing and lowering your body/fat percentage.

Research is revealing that our bodies actually have a weight that they are most comfortable at. You might just call this your “comfort zone” and this zone is different for everyone.

If you’re stuck at your weight loss plateau it’s time to hit the weights hard. You need to jack up your metabolic rate and speed up your fat loss. Truth is, lean body mass burns five times the amount of calories as fat.

Bear in mind that when you strength train only the muscle fibers that are simulated will respond so it’s important to work all the major muscle groups: chest, triceps, back, shoulders, biceps, legs and don’t forget the core muscles. If you use light weights and just do a series of rep after rep, you won’t be applying enough stress for your muscles to respond.

It’s also wise to perform compound movements as they recruit more muscle fibers to work and release fat-burning and muscle building hormones.

Whenever you begin a new exercise routine you must be aware and listen to what your body is telling you. How is your body responding? If you feel pain in any joints then adjust your training. Some muscle groups are quicker to respond than others due to genes, overall strength and fitness level at any given time. The key is to stay consistence…and the results you will see and feel will be all the convincing you need.

The good news is that most weight loss plateaus are temporary, short-term conditions that can be fixed. If your weight has plateaued and you are using machines for resistance change it up and try using free weights.

By consistently challenging your body with resistance training you will burn more calories and kiss those dreaded weight loss plateaus good-bye, enjoy a leaner body and a happier, healthier life overall.

Don’t get discouraged when you hit the weight loss plateau. Get mad…and put that heated energy into weight training where it will do some real good!

I created “Stop Weight Loss Resistance” for people just like you. It’s difficult to escape the world of weight loss resistance but with the right education and active steps it can be done!

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