Your Daily Habits May Be Causing Your Weight-loss Resistance

lack of sleepIf you’ve hit what seems to be a “weight-loss plateau” where your weight stalls and no matter what you do you can’t budge the scale down, you need to reflect on the type of lifestyle you are following.

Although it seems as though it’s a mystery you’ll never solve, there are a few important culprits that could be stalling the whole operation.

Funny thing is these culprits for the most part are not unusual and mysterious…they are obvious and right in front of us (things we do everyday)…if we know where to look. [Read more…]

Grab Those Weights to Tackle Weight Loss Resistance

stuckLifting weights or doing some sort of resistance exercise is the key in promoting fat and weight loss but works especially well for those experiencing any kind of weight loss plateau.

If the dreaded weight loss plateau is something you are presently experiencing you would benefit from developing resistance/strength training…most likely the missing component.

Resistance/weight training increases your bodies lean muscle mass that in turn increases your metabolism which in turn allows you to burn more calories and more fat…even when resting. [Read more…]

Conquering the Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau

weight loss resistance bookAre you frustrated and discouraged with dieting? Have you reached the dreaded weight loss plateau where it doesn’t seem to matter what you do you can’t seem to budge, burn or coerce your weight down any farther?

You don’t need to be discouraged any longer. There are steps you can follow that will help you to break through your weight loss plateau.

First you need to understand that weight loss plateaus are to be expected as long as you are actively losing weight. Our bodies naturally resist change. Most people who eventually reach their ideal weight challenged many plateaus that lasted for several weeks along the way to their desired goals. [Read more…]