Grab Those Weights to Tackle Weight Loss Resistance

stuckLifting weights or doing some sort of resistance exercise is the key in promoting fat and weight loss but works especially well for those experiencing any kind of weight loss plateau.

If the dreaded weight loss plateau is something you are presently experiencing you would benefit from developing resistance/strength training…most likely the missing component.

Resistance/weight training increases your bodies lean muscle mass that in turn increases your metabolism which in turn allows you to burn more calories and more fat…even when resting. [Read more…]

Muscle Matters

muscle mattersFrustrated dieters take notice…

The true key to successful and permanent weight loss is not about restricting food – it is about improving metabolism, your body’s engine. Your metabolism is responsible for turning the food you eat into energy so it can be burnt up rather than building up your tummy, hips and thighs.

The only way to boost your metabolism is to get your muscular system in better condition so you can burn more fuel (calories) both day and night. Proper strength training exercises are the key. [Read more…]