Muscle Matters


muscle mattersFrustrated dieters take notice…

The true key to successful and permanent weight loss is not about restricting food – it is about improving metabolism, your body’s engine. Your metabolism is responsible for turning the food you eat into energy so it can be burnt up rather than building up your tummy, hips and thighs.

The only way to boost your metabolism is to get your muscular system in better condition so you can burn more fuel (calories) both day and night. Proper strength training exercises are the key.

Rebuilding and re-toning your muscle tissue is the most important part of your body weight and health transition. It is both the main driver of your metabolism and the rate your body burns fuel.

Too much ‘cardio’ activity and not enough muscle building and maintaining and your most precious fat burning mechanism – your muscle tissue is lost. In order to get it working again, you need to work all of the major muscle groups through their complete ranges of movement with adequate resistance.

Remember, if it does not challenge you, it won’t change you.

You need to put your ‘cardio’ type work-outs aside if you truly want to get well again and focus on your muscles. Cardio should always be part of an active lifestyle but you should not use it to replace proper exercise.

Cardiovascular exercises raise muscle metabolism while you are performing and for a short period afterward, while weight training will raise your muscle metabolism while exercising and continues long after the exercise session has ended. That means you continue to burn fat even after you are done exercising.

Don’t get caught in the ‘counting calories’ game. Low intensity activities like walking, jogging or cycling as well as other recreational activities only burn a small amount of calories and the worst part is this benefit ceases once the activity ceases. You must stop worrying about burning calories in the short term and get it going for the long term so you can burn off excess body fat even while you are sitting on the couch watching television or sleeping.

In order to improve your strength and fitness you must use high intensity exercises that rapidly and radically change your body at a cellular level.

Combining a kick-ass strength training program with satisfying whole-foods that support your exercise program sustains a healthy slim body for life. Leave the low calories, soul destroying, energy sucking and metabolism dropping deprivation ‘diet’ in the dust where it belongs.

According to recent studies, we’re seeing a growing trend towards weight and strength training and away from cardiovascular training. Weight lifting is a favorite among popular sports and this change is definitely for the better.

The higher your metabolism the more efficiently you burn calories which results in quicker and sustained weight loss.

Everything you need to help you or a loved one to take off the extra pounds, balance your hormones and kick in your metabolism can be learned and applied in “Stop Weight Loss Resistance”.

Exercising is good but make sure you are exercising smart. You have to focus on quality instead of quantity if you want to see successful results.

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