Re-Balance Your Hormones for Permanent Weight Loss…


chfitness9There are two hormones that play primary roles in a weight loss resistant body and breaking through that weight-loss barrier you are experiencing is about re-balancing these hormones.

Insulin is the hormone that tells your body to use energy or to store it as fat and glucagon is the hormone that tells your body to release extra energy from storage fat.

When we eat foods loaded with easily digested sugars and starches (you know…all those processed foods), it floods our body with sugar all at once causing our body to release lots of insulin to try and clear it from the bloodstream.

The first thing insulin does after being released is to knock on the door of the muscle cells to try and get them to uptake the excess sugar which is exactly what they are designed to do. But in this case, the muscles do not cooperate…they say “No, go away, I have no use for all that fuel.” The reason they cannot uptake this excess sugar is that our modern highly-processed modern diet is usually combined with inactive sedentary lifestyles…a true detriment to health.

When muscles are weak and flabby from lack of proper use, they cannot use the sugar and this in turn causes high levels of both sugar and insulin in the blood to circulate around the body with no place to go.

They end getting into places they should not causing damage to cells, tissues and organs until eventually insulin tells the body to store it as fat.

Keeping insulin levels low not only helps our body focus less on storing fat but it helps it to focus on releasing it because the other weight hormone glucagon kicks in and tells your body to release extra energy from storage fat. Hence the weight comes off.

Unfortunately, we’ve been led to believe that we should be eating every hour or so in order to keep our blood sugar levels stabilized. However, this kind of misinformation contributes to a weight loss resistant body because blood sugar levels need to become low enough for the hormone glucagon to kick in and “take fat from storage.”

However, it’s important to note that glucagon has a slow response time and only kicks into gear after we have used up the available sugar circulating in the blood. This process can take up to four hours to complete.

Turning to mainstream diets is not the answer. Simply focusing on reducing calorie intake means you will be missing a big part of the fat loss puzzle. The better approach is to reduce inflammation and improve the efficiency of your blood sugar regulation hormones that allow your body to dip into its fat stores.

Enjoying a healthy, balanced meal that keeps you feeling full and satisfied for at least four hours allows your body to better utilize glucagon…its own natural blood sugar stabilizer, is the solution.

The results will be awesome. Your body will spend less time in “fat storage mode” and more time in “take from storage mode” which is the quickest and surest way to reach your weight loss goals.

When you rebalance your hormones and restore health you will lose weight naturally and effortlessly and feel fantastic while doing it.

Bottom line is this: permanent weight loss success is not just about cutting calories. You must approach it from a health mentality and get your hormones insulin and glucagon balanced and working as a team…the way they were created to do. The only permanent way off this fat storage merry-go-round is to eat foods that have a naturally lower insulin response…vegetables and other slow-digesting carbohydrates to supply our body with its necessary fuel – glucose – but provide it at a pace our body can handle and keep up with it. This means less of that excess sugar will be turned into fat and more is used for energy.

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