Get off Your Weight-loss Resistant Merry-go-Round…

leptin resistranceIf your goal is to make permanent lasting changes, lose weight and keep it of then healthy hormones is the key.

Leptin is a master hormone secreted by adipose (fat) tissue that controls hunger and the feelings of satiety. The more overweight someone is, the higher the leptin levels are likely to be.

If you have tried and continually failed at dieting or health changes in the past, look to fixing your Leptin. If your leptin is not regulated you’ll never experience the lasting changes you are after.

Since Leptin is produced by fat cells, it seem logical that those with more fat cells (such as overweight individuals) would naturally produce more Leptin. More Leptin in turn would then tell the body to eat less and weight would normalize.

However, damaged metabolisms or endocrine issues that overweight people experience prevent this from happening. [Read more…]

Toxins are Making You Fat

detoxToxins, those terrible toxins. Truth is, they are terrible and they do terrible things to your body.

Circulating toxins in your blood is both dangerous and damaging to your body so your body attempts to rid itself of them.

Guess where they hide out? The only place there’s room…in your fat cells. Fat cells are your body’s storage tanks and the first place your body looks when it needs to dump damaging toxins. [Read more…]

Villainous High Fructose Corn Syrup

hfcs2Dietary intake of fructose has dramatically increased in the US in the past decade and the consumption of HFCS is the primary reason.

People worldwide…in particularly Americans, are being poisoned by a toxic additive for food and beverage called HFCS. It is presently being used in a huge variety of foods from soft drinks to salad dressings, to cakes, cereals, breads and cookies…and lots of packaged and processed foods in between.

HFCS is short for high-fructose-corn-syrup and experts now believe that we face a serious epidemic of metabolic disease in the near future directly related to the excess consumption of HFCS. [Read more…]

Is Your Body on Toxic Overload?

feature_lovehandleToday, 80,000 plus chemicals are in active production and our exposure to these poisonous chemicals is greater than at any other time.

We are consistently subjected to very poor air quality, pesticides, heavy metals paint fumes and household cleaners and contamination in our food and water supplies as more than 10,000 chemicals in the form of solvents, emulsifiers and preservatives find their way into food processing and storage and 3,000 plus chemicals are added to our food supply.

When these poisonous chemicals find their way into our bodies they remain there causing damage that alters our metabolism (the body’s engine). This creates hormonal imbalances and increases our risk of chronic disease as it lowers our resistance. [Read more…]

Sleep…It Does a Diet Good

sleep1Without a doubt, the number one resolution every New Year centers on the goal of losing weight. Unfortunately nearly 90% of those who start a program of weight loss (even though their hearts are in it) will suffer defeat and in the end just give up. Some even experience weight gain. It’s no wonder, after putting heart and soul into their goals and experiencing weight gain that they just give up. Gaining weight when you are trying to lose is a definite motivation killer.

So, what’s going on? It seems no matter how hard you work at it you simply cannot lose the weight you want or achieve the body you dream about.  [Read more…]

5 Principles that Help Cure Weight-Loss Resistance

metabolic rateLong term success at anything requires you first have the right approach and it’s no different when managing your weight. If you are having trouble keeping weight off after you’ve worked diligently to take it off then most likely you are not adhering to the basic principles that help you to shed fat and keep it off forever.

There are 5 basic principles that work with you to keep you in shape and stop you from gaining your weight back and these principles are:

Metabolism – You need to be aware that your metabolic rate shifts and changes…it is not cast in stone. Just by taking the appropriate actions you can elevate your metabolism and increase the rate at which you burn fat. [Read more…]

Your Daily Habits May Be Causing Your Weight-loss Resistance

lack of sleepIf you’ve hit what seems to be a “weight-loss plateau” where your weight stalls and no matter what you do you can’t budge the scale down, you need to reflect on the type of lifestyle you are following.

Although it seems as though it’s a mystery you’ll never solve, there are a few important culprits that could be stalling the whole operation.

Funny thing is these culprits for the most part are not unusual and mysterious…they are obvious and right in front of us (things we do everyday)…if we know where to look. [Read more…]

Basics Rules for Conquering Weight Loss Resistance

weight resistanceHumans are rather comical. It’s hard for us to believe that achieving success with most things is done in the most simple ways…and this rule carries through to health and weight loss.

Most people who experience weight-loss resistance perceive food as their enemy. But that’s the very thing that is causing issues with their weight loss.

If you really want to get past the weight-loss plateau, you must learn how to make food your friend…you must get food on your side and working with you not against you. [Read more…]

Exercise Helps Diminish Cellulite

celluliteOur bodies consist of primarily water, fat, muscle and bone. When we alter the amount of muscle and fat in our bodies we can alter its shape and appearance.

Fat loves to accumulate in the hip/butt/thigh area on females due to the physiology and anatomy of the female body and the biology of pregnancy and childbirth that nature plans for. It seems nature was not too into vanity when creating us but rather was more focused on safety, comfort and function. [Read more…]

Intermittent Fasting Can Help Burn Fat

intermittent fastingIntermittent fasting is not a traditional diet…in fact, it’s not a diet at all.

In simpler terms…it’s making a conscious decision to skip certain meals.

Intermittent fasting means consuming calories during a specific window of the day and making the choice not to eat food during the rest of the day.

If you are struggling with your weight it could be one of the most powerful interventions to help because it helps to shift your body from burning sugar/carbs to burning fat instead as its primary fuel source. [Read more…]