Get off Your Weight-loss Resistant Merry-go-Round…

leptin resistranceIf your goal is to make permanent lasting changes, lose weight and keep it of then healthy hormones is the key.

Leptin is a master hormone secreted by adipose (fat) tissue that controls hunger and the feelings of satiety. The more overweight someone is, the higher the leptin levels are likely to be.

If you have tried and continually failed at dieting or health changes in the past, look to fixing your Leptin. If your leptin is not regulated you’ll never experience the lasting changes you are after.

Since Leptin is produced by fat cells, it seem logical that those with more fat cells (such as overweight individuals) would naturally produce more Leptin. More Leptin in turn would then tell the body to eat less and weight would normalize.

However, damaged metabolisms or endocrine issues that overweight people experience prevent this from happening. [Read more…]

Your Daily Habits May Be Causing Your Weight-loss Resistance

lack of sleepIf you’ve hit what seems to be a “weight-loss plateau” where your weight stalls and no matter what you do you can’t budge the scale down, you need to reflect on the type of lifestyle you are following.

Although it seems as though it’s a mystery you’ll never solve, there are a few important culprits that could be stalling the whole operation.

Funny thing is these culprits for the most part are not unusual and mysterious…they are obvious and right in front of us (things we do everyday)…if we know where to look. [Read more…]

SMART Goals Can Help You Lose Weight

SMART GoalsIf you struggle to keep weight off possibly you struggle to take it off…it may very well benefit you to explore using SMART goals.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound in relation to accomplishing your goals and is the perfect process to use when trying to lose weight.

Let’s break down the process into measurable and doable steps:

Specific: The first step in the process of SMART goals is to be specific. So, for example if your goal is to “lose weight” then be more specific about your results and imagine yourself having accomplished the goal already. How do you feel at this new weight? What are some of the benefits you are enjoying after reaching your weight threshold?

Create positive affirmation such as “I feel vital and strong…so full of natural energy now that I’ve lost weight by paying attention to what I am eating and counting the calories I consume, eating smaller healthier portions and adhering to an exercise program. [Read more…]

Weight Loss Resistant Body Is Not a Death Sentence

stop weight loss resistanceAIt is so frustrating to continually subject yourself to diets and exercise programs that simply do not work because your body has become weight-loss resistant. You begin to worry that it may be a lifelong affliction that you will just have to get used to.

The realization that you are living in a weight loss resistant body does not mean you are sentenced to a lifetime of being overweight. [Read more…]