Get off Your Weight-loss Resistant Merry-go-Round…

leptin resistranceIf your goal is to make permanent lasting changes, lose weight and keep it of then healthy hormones is the key.

Leptin is a master hormone secreted by adipose (fat) tissue that controls hunger and the feelings of satiety. The more overweight someone is, the higher the leptin levels are likely to be.

If you have tried and continually failed at dieting or health changes in the past, look to fixing your Leptin. If your leptin is not regulated you’ll never experience the lasting changes you are after.

Since Leptin is produced by fat cells, it seem logical that those with more fat cells (such as overweight individuals) would naturally produce more Leptin. More Leptin in turn would then tell the body to eat less and weight would normalize.

However, damaged metabolisms or endocrine issues that overweight people experience prevent this from happening. [Read more…]

Reverse Leptin Resistance With Diet and Exercise

leptin food cravingsIf you have tried and failed at diets or health changes in the past, it most likely had something to do with your leptin levels.

Leptin is a hormone secreted by adipose tissue (fat tissue that tells you you’re full. Ghrelin is its opposite and works to tell you you’re hungry).

Because leptin is secreted by fat cells, you naturally produce more leptin as your weight increase.

Studies show that the problem is not in the production of leptin but that the majority of overweight people have a leptin resistance problem where the leptin is unable to produce its normal effects to stimulate weight loss.

Your body senses this resistance as starvation so mechanisms are activated that increase fat stores rather than burning excess fat. The person actually eats less but the body thinks it’s starving and triggers it to eat more. You can easily see how this would lead to weight gain. [Read more…]

Leptin Resistance and Weight Loss

leptinYour body needs two important hormones functioning properly if you hope to lose that excess weight you might be carrying around. These two important weight loss hormones are insulin and leptin.

Insulin’s job is to control sugar and fat levels in the body, while leptin’s job is to burn fat. Leptin is one of the many hormones that regulate energy in your body…it also tells you when you’re full. As you gain more weight, you produce more leptin which is supposed to tell you to when to “stop eating”. [Read more…]