Sugar turns on the “Fat Switch”


frustraed dieterThere’s no hiding the truth anymore. What you eat does matter. Recent studies show that you do not get fat from simply eating too much nor do you get fat from eating fat, the belief that has been held for so long.

It has now been proven that you do get fat from eating the wrong types of fat and the wrong type of carbohydrates. Basically you could safely say that becoming and staying overweight could be viewed as a symptom of eating an improper diet, one that consists of chemically-laden processed food that is not natural to our chemistry and biology. Not a real surprise to anyone reading this I am sure.

It’s not just the food and calories you are consuming that is keeping you overweight; it is your habits, eating the wrong type of nutrient depleted foods, dead calorie foods.

Nutrigenomics is a new blossoming field of study on how nutrients interact with our human genes. It studies the genes associated with health and disease which includes resistance to losing weight. We already know that certain foods contain information and instructions for cells and hormones along with nutrients and calories; they are now trying to find out how this information can turn on or off the expression of certain genes.

Studies already prove that when we eat sugar (fructose) in any form it turns on a ‘fat switch’ which in turn causes cells to hoard body fat both in humans and animals. Sugary types of foods set off a cascade of chemical and hormonal reactions in the body. One side effect is that it turns up the dial of your hunger thermostat which reprograms your level of hunger upwards and along with that you get increased cravings as well. Not a pretty picture.

Fructose/sugar stimulates and turns on a gene-mediated ‘fat storing switch’ which in turn causes:

  • A cascade of chemical reactions that does bad things to our bodies. Decreased HDL (good cholesterol) levels and increased LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, elevated blood fats (triglycerides), higher blood sugar levels and high blood pressure-all things that lead to the condition known as metabolic syndrome.
  • Dietary carbohydrates, especially fructose, are also the primary source of a substance called glycerol-3-phosphate (g-3-p) which causes fat to become fixed in fat tissue. At the same time, high carbohydrates raise insulin levels which prevent fat from being release from the body’s cells.
  • Fructose further tricks your body turning off your body’s appetite control/regulation system which results in feeling hungry all the time, even though you have eaten. You continue to overeat gaining excess body fat and weight but going on to develop insulin resistance. This is the precursor not only to diabetes, heart disease and cancer but a long list of other chronic disease as well.
  • Wrong foods (in particular the wrong carbs) turn on this ‘fat storing switch’ and ultimately leads to weight gain…especially in the abdominal area. It then goes on to affect your health in other negative ways and can lead to serious disease. Furthermore, no amount of exercise or physical activity can compensate for this damage to the body cells and systems.

Bottom line is this: eating the wrong foods will program your bodyto become  and stay fat.

The wrong types of carbs (grains that break down sugar in the body) and fructose lead to weight gain, obesity, weight loss resistance and other more serious health issues.

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