You Can Reverse Your Weight Loss Resistant Body


weogjt loss resistance2The fact that you have recently discovered that you are residing in a weight loss resistant body does not mean that you are destined to stay there forever.

What it does mean though is that you must vow to make some serious changes to your activity levels, your eating and diet and overall lifestyle if you want to experience a balanced body.

If your body is showing signs of being weight loss resistant it is most likely because your body has experienced a hormonal change in some significant way. You have within you all the personal will power you need to wield against your weight loss resistant body if you are willing to step to the plate and manage your condition.

This is not another diet…and no you do not have to pare down your food intake to that of a mouse, you’ll be glad to hear that it does not involve more inefficient exercise methods which just further deplete your body. Nor is it about less food. It’s about more…more quality food and more vitality which are ingredients for a vital, healthy, slim body.

We’ll need to take a serious look at your hormones; your chemical messengers. These are the guys that signal your body to burn or store fat, build or break down muscle tissue, crash or blast metabolism and are the key players in the problem of weight loss resistance.

If you have been doing excessive amounts of cardio type exercises for a long time or possibly you’ve been caught in that yo-yo ‘diet trap’ you may have hit a plateau and now you are no longer seeing results.

If you have hit this plateau, your body will not respond to the stress you are placing on it any longer. This causes damage to your metabolism..the rate your body burns fuel. Any downturn will make future weight loss virtually impossible. You also risk speeding up your body’s aging process and who wants or needs that?

In order to reverse the damage caused to your metabolism and restore health to the chemistry of your body you will need to go through a transition/healing process which includes a lifestyle change in habits and a move to healthy eating and proper exercise with the end goal being achieving a good body composition (muscle/fat ratio) and optimum health.

You must shift your perception and think of this transition as a journey and not another weight loss attempt. Healing cannot occur unless you improve your nutrition and exercise methods. It is during this phase that your body’s hormones will change and become more balanced which is what allows the healing of your metabolic motor to switch back on and back into fat burning mode.

Healing comes from the inside out. But you must be patient. You did not create a weight loss resistant body overnight and you cannot expect to turn the operation around overnight.

The longer you have beaten up your metabolism, the more damaged your system is the longer it will take for the ‘on the inside’ healing process to complete itself. Your body will rebuild all its structural and functional bio-chemicals which your poor habits have rendered inefficient.

Everything you need to tackle weight loss resistance and achieve the body you’ve been dreaming about is included in my new program “Stop Weight Loss Resistance”.

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