Give Yourself a Break with the 80/20 Rule

8020The 80/20 principles is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change that invites balance and moderation into our daily consumption of food and sustainable weight loss into our lives.

Rigid limiting diets fad diets are temporary fixes at best and invite boredom, excuses and failure. Depriving yourself of sweets and treats all the time is neither realistic nor sustainable.

The 80/20 rule on the other hand allows you to be human. By allowing special indulgences into your meal plans, you will feel happier, more fulfilled (no deprivation) and healthier, all resulting in a slimmer you.

If you want to be social and enjoy a meal and a drink with some friends you have an open door to do so…without the guilt. Guilt is never a good thing…it is the poison that steals our momentary joy. [Read more…]

The Importance of a Nutrient – Dense Diet

nutrient-dense foodsIt’s not about eating less but better – what we need is nutrient-dense foods.

What are nutrient dense foods? They are foods that have a ratio of high nutrient to calorie value as opposed to empty calorie, nutrient – poor foods that are common place in our modern world.

Refining and processing foods removes nutrients. Once these processes are applied to fresh foods, you no longer receive nutritional benefit out of them (very little at best). [Read more…]