Basics Rules for Conquering Weight Loss Resistance


weight resistanceHumans are rather comical. It’s hard for us to believe that achieving success with most things is done in the most simple ways…and this rule carries through to health and weight loss.

Most people who experience weight-loss resistance perceive food as their enemy. But that’s the very thing that is causing issues with their weight loss.

If you really want to get past the weight-loss plateau, you must learn how to make food your friend…you must get food on your side and working with you not against you.

There are 5 basic rules to use food as your weapon in the battle against weight loss resistance:

  1. Stick with basics. Honestly it’s that simple. You need to adopt a lifestyle that keeps you clean and non-toxic and that starts with diet of clean natural food. It also means avoiding the too easily obtained processed foods.
  2. Your food not only needs to be clean and natural, you must cook it properly if you want to retain precious nutrients…you know the nutrients you paid good money for. When you cook foods in the microwave or at high heat, it destroys important nutrients and actually makes them toxic. In order to benefit from the nutrients you paid good money for, you must keep cooking temperatures as low as possible and avoid using a microwave. (Microwaves may seem convenient now but how convenient will things be when you are repeat patients in your doctor’s office because of ailments?  It won’t seem so convenient then.
  3. Make sure you include as many raw foods in your diet as you can daily. Vegetables nuts, seeds, coconut and fruit when eaten raw are more beneficial than their cooked counterparts.
  4. Eat organic…that should be no surprise. Consuming foods laden with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and other dangerous chemicals can turn us toxic and create acidity in the bloodstream. If you are trying to combat weight loss resistance you must consume clean and natural foods.
  5. If you still enjoy eating meat it’s not a problem if you are choosing organic and free-range grass fed meat whenever possible. An ancestors ate animals that lived directly off the land and ate foods that were local and natural to them. This kept them in perfect balance and a healthy state. Non-organic meat is dangerous because of the toxic chemicals they contain that mess with our fat-burning/fat-storing hormones. Do you really want to consume animals that have been farmed in a non-humane ‘cruel’ way? For most people that is simple not acceptable.

If your current diet consists of a high percentage of processed, refined food, you are simply not going to be able to combat weight loss resistance.

Freeing your body from the toxins and chemicals means health  improves dramatically and unwanted body fat just melts away.

This new way of eating is not temporary…it is a true lifestyle change, not a quick-fix. It is something you will be working on and with for the rest of your life.

Don’t overtax yourself in the beginning or you might give up too quickly. Allow your body and your mind some leeway to get used to this new way of eating.

You might try and start off with 20% compliance to your new healthy eating plan. This gives you plenty of wiggle-room to start with and then move it up to at least 80% (which still gives you wiggle-room).

When you adhere to these simple basic steps, you can improve health and lose weight…all without having to eat less.

It’s never been about eating less…it’s all about eating right.

For a complete program on getting past that dreaded weight-loss -plateau, “Stop Weight Loss Resistance” is your answer. Don’t give up! Take control…you can lose that stubborn weight…you just need the right coach.

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