Switch Your Metabolic Motor Back On With Strength Training


challeng_changeIf it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.

Simple but powerful words.

Permanent weight loss is not about restricting foods…it is about boosting up your metabolism…your body’s engine.

Your metabolism burns the food you eat into the energy so you can burn it up rather than having it pile onto your body in unhealthy and unappealing places like your stomach, your hips and your thighs.

Unfortunately most people have a fairly good job of killing their healthy metabolism through years of sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits.

In order to reverse this damage, you will need to go through a transition or healing process to allow your body’s hormones to change and become balanced again.

This kicks your metabolic engine into high gear and back into fat burning mode allowing you to heal from the inside out.

Improving your muscular system so it burns more fuel is the best way to boost your metabolism and the best way to do this is by proper, challenging strengthening exercises.

Although many people still have the errant idea that they can continue to perform “slow” type cardio sessions to burn calories this is not the way to build strong, lean bodies that sport a healthy metabolism.

Walking, jogging and even cycling are good for the moment and will burn calories in the moment but once the activity is done so is the burning of calories. The ideal way to use your metabolism to its fullest is to continue to experience this “burn” long after you’ve finished working out and you do this by working your muscles and making them stronger.

Burning calories in the short term should not be your objective…boosting your metabolism and kicking in in long term burns fat even when you’ve finished working out and you’re sitting on the couch or even sleeping.

Quality protein along with natural (not processed) carbohydrates and healthy fats all support your exercise program and give you the vital energy you need to put effort into your exercise sessions and get your metabolism burning fat like you want.

You will need to work your muscles through a full range of activity/movement with adequate resistance. Quality workouts are always better than quantity.

Bolster your new metabolism boosting workouts with satisfying whole-foods that support your strength training program as opposed to a low deprivation, low-calorie food diet that steal your life force and kill your metabolism.

Combine that with strong self-discipline, enhanced motivation levels and improved self-confidence and you’ve got the winning formula for health and fitness. But, you must be patient, the current situation you find yourself in did not occur overnight and fixing it will not either. Take baby steps and recognize each step as one pace closer to your goal. Your body can rebuilt its structural and functional bio-chemicals once you adopt healthy habits and eliminate damaging ones.

Don’t do anything at all, stick to your unhealthy diet and lazy lifestyle and it’s not your metabolism you’ll find speeding up but your body’s aging process will along with damage to your health.

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