The Mind and Body were Created to Work Together


motivate2The level of success you will be able to achieve with your weight loss does not start with what you are physically doing. Although diet and exercise ultimately are the tools to get you where you need to be if you don’t start out with the right mindset, you’re likely doomed because your mind ultimately leads your body.

Without getting the mind and body to join forces in the weight loss battle you have only enlisted half your army. The mind and body must work together…they are a team.

So, if you want to shift and train your body in a certain direction then you must shift and change your mind first.

This is one factor that is often missing from mainstream diets and exercise programs. Truth is, diets don’t work and as many as 95% of people who go on a diet fail to lose any significant weight for the long-term.

You will have to get to know you on a much deeper level if you want long-term success. You need to discover and explore what makes you tick and then you can work at changing some long-standing attitudes, habits, feelings and assumptions that directly influence your relationship with food and shape your lifestyle habits.

Successful weight-loss is the union of forces between your mind and your body…however, it always starts in the mind.  We must go to the root of the problem…the cause of our weight issues and those causes are not physical in nature (those are results) they are mental in nature…they lie hidden deep within our subconscious faults of beliefs and perceptions.

The sub-conscious mind is the storehouse of all our thoughts, emotions, feelings and self-beliefs…that’s where they originate and drive your actions (or inaction) about food choices and exercise every single day.

Unfortunately much if not all of our beliefs are inherited wisdom or misinformation about nutrition or dieting or what proper exercise really is. Mix that up with some plain old self-delusion and you’ve created inner mind templates that work against you rather than with you in the weight loss war.

Bottom line is this: If you are living in an overweight, unhealthy and unhappy body and wish to change that then you will need to make some changes to your “inner” mind programming first before you’ll ever experience and see the results on the outside.

Once you discover your inner demons and begin to shift your thought pattern and drop new thought and ideas into your subconscious mind, they begin to grow and intensify. It won’t be long before you find yourself making better choices with your eating and you will even enjoy exercise.

Once you program into your mind your goal of becoming healthy as a slim, fit person living in a feel-good body, you will automatically make decisions that lead you to it without even having to think about it. Such is the power of our sub-conscious minds and why we must re-program them first if we want to see those results in our physical world.

When you accept the fact that weight-loss starts in the mind and if you have resistance at the deep subconscious level it will sabotage your weight loss efforts time and time again.

Without the 90%…your mindset done first, the 10 percent healthy eating and exercise will always be a struggle for you.

Once you shift your mind into the right gears, you will actually want to lose weight and exercise, in fact you will enjoy it. And, the battle will be over for you.

It’s all about beliefs and perceptions…the engines that drive your motivations and create your experiences.

If you are finally ready to give up all the “false” notions about losing weight and keeping it off then “Stop Weight Loss Resistance” was created just for you.

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