Fragrant Sweet Cinnamon Raisin Bars

health-benefits-of-cinnamonCinnamon is a fragrant and sweet spice that is available year round and has long been used as both a spice to flavor foods and as a medicine.

It is one of the oldest spices known to man and used as far back as ancient Egypt as a beverage flavor, embalming agent and as medicine. Believe it or not, at one time cinnamon was considered so precious that it was valued higher than gold. It is also mentioned in a book on Chinese botanical medicine that dates back to 2,700 B.C.

There are two varieties of cinnamon; Chinese and Ceylon. Both varieties have similar flavor but Ceylon is more refined with a slightly sweeter tasteā€¦it is however harder to find in local supermarkets. If you are looking for Ceylon cinnamon you will likely have to shop in ethnic markets or possibly a local spice store. [Read more…]