Dehydrate Your Fresh Fruits and Veggies to Last Longer

Newly-Designed-5-Tray-font-b-Food-b-font-font-b-Dehydrator-b-font-font-bThe “raw” food diet (the “living” foods diet) that many people have adopted or are considering has lasted long enough to no longer be considered a fad.

The basic premise of using a raw food diet is that cooking on high heats destroys many of the precious vitamins and minerals that you paid a good price for. And, if that’s not enough, it also destroys the enzymes that are important to our health.

When foods reach a temperature beyond 118 degrees F they are no longer considered raw because the foods’ nutrition has been diminished.

A popular trend that many raw food enthusiasts have adopted in order to keep their diets from getting boring is the use of dehydrators which add important crisp texture to foods like seeded crackers and vegetable chips as well as enjoying them as snacks. [Read more…]