Pure Water for Proper Hydration


water1The easiest and most effective way to accelerate your weight loss results is to hydrate consistently.     

Water (after oxygen) is the most critical element in maintaining and properly facilitating your body’s chemistry.

Your healthy, energy and in the end, your life all depend on water.

So, how does one stay properly hydrated? You must consume a minimum of 7 oz. of water (not tap water, but pure water) for each 10 lbs. of body weight you carry. This increases if you are active, consistently work-out or live and work in dry climates. If you do  the math, that ends up to be just over 3 liters of water for a 150 lb. person.

Although teas, sodas and coffees are made with water and although they can offer some slight hydration, they do not hydrate you anywhere near what pure water can. They are highly acidic and all your body wants to do with highly acidic liquids is to park away the acids somewhere they can’t damage your body. And, you guessed it…they go right into your fat cells.

The more acidic drinks you consume, the more you aggravate the situation and fill up more fat cells!

Pure water is neutral and our bodies depend on it for survival. Water actually makes up for more than half the body’s weight and water is 83% of the blood that flows through our veins. Every cell, tissue and organ in the body needs water to function properly.

Water is used by your body to lubricate joints, remove waste material and maintain temperature.

Every time you urinate you lose water. You lose water when it’s hot outside, when you exercise and even when your body has a fever.

There are some obvious symptoms of dehydration that you need to pay attention to:

Dark urine or little to no urine

Dry mouth

Fatigue and sleepless nights

Extreme thirst

Lack of tears when crying

Headache and or confusion

Dizziness or being lightheaded


Dry skin

Loss of appetite

Rapid heart rate

If you notice any of the above its time to start drinking more water.

How much water is required to keep us hydrated? Different amounts for different people. Most people who are aware of their body’s signals can stay healthy and well hydrated by drinking when they are thirsty. For some 8 glasses seems to be enough while others require more.

Some medical conditions, highly active people and even older adults can be at a higher risk for dehydration.

Checking your urine color is a quick easy way to determine how hydrated you are. If your urine is consistently light colored or colorless you are most likely staying well hydrated.

Tips to stay hydrated:

Carry a water bottle with you daily.

Add lemon or lime to zest your water

Begin and end your day with a big glass of water

When hunger strikes try drinking water first…your body may just be crying for water not food

Order water when eating out. Not only will you save big on calories, but your body stays hydrated and they serve it free.

As a general guideline, experts recommend we drink 6-8 8oz. glasses of water daily to stay properly hydrated.

A hydrated body improves your mood, reduces headaches and helps eliminate toxins in your body. In the end, it may even help you lose weight.

Drinking plenty of pure, clean, fresh water is just one of the keys to successful weight loss.

If you’ve struggled in the past to take weight off…if it seems as though you always end up at the dreaded “weight-loss plateau” then my program “Stop Weight Loss Resistance” is exactly the help and coaching you need.

You can lose weight and keep it off…you just need the right help.

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