Take this 60 second test and find out how YOU fare on the Weight Loss Resistance Scale!

Hi. My name is Carolyn Hansen, and the test I have put together on this page will help you find out in just 60 seconds where you rank on this little understood physical health scale that determines your resistance to losing weight.

Seriously. If you'd like to reduce your resistance the first thing you need to know is how resistant you are right now! Most people don't have the faintest clue where they stand, but by taking this test you'll get an immediate answer.

So What IS The Weight Loss Resistance Scale?

Have you noticed that some people seem to defy the odds and remain slim and youthful-looking most of their life?

Well, it's not usually by accident that the rest of us seem to have great difficulty with this. We engage in behaviors that cause us to become weight loss resistant. This is a shame since a great deal of this resistance can be removed simply by changing certain habits.

By identifying these factors and assigning each a rough risk contribution it is possible to come up with a numerical assessment of your degree of weight loss resistance.

This is a number in the range 0 through to 10. The higher you are on this scale, the LESS likely you will be able to maintain a healthy trim body and enjoying maximum health in the years ahead.

I call this The Weight Loss Resistance Scale. You can see a graphical representation of it below.
Slim active body.

Confidence at a maximum.

Most enjoyment from life.

Longest life span.
Overweight lethargic body.

Confidence at a minimum.

Least enjoyment from life.

Shortest life span.

Take The Test Now - Determine Your Weight Loss Resistance

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